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What is Cricket Let's Play USA?

kidsoval1-400A fun, exciting and action packed program that introduces cricket to Americans.

Using cricket games and activities the program aims to provide a safe and positive learning environment that will foster great passion for cricket and hook people for life!

Who is it aimed at?

The program is an entry-level program targeting girls and boys aged 6 – 13. The program will also engage teachers, parents, after-school providers, volunteers and other community groups. 

What are the benefits? 

Lets Play USA will:

• Increase student achievement and well-being

• Strengthen community engagement 

• Teach crucial social skills such as teamwork and leadership 

• Teach key physical skills such as hitting, catching, bowling, throwing, balance, agility and speed 

Isn’t Cricket that boring game that goes for 5 days? 

No! Let’s Play USA is about fun, action and maximum participation! 

Let’s Play USA has activities and match formats that can be adapted to suit any environment and timeframe.  

See the Table to understand the different programs within the Let’s Play USA banner.


  Let's Play USA – Programs
  • USACA certainly appreciates that one size does not fit all across this huge country
  • The program under the CLPUSA banner are just a framework that can be followed
  • This framework might be applied differently in different school districts, private providers, cities, states or regions across the country
  • All we ask is that the key messages of the program remain the same

           –  Fun and enjoyment in a safe inclusive learning environment

           –  Maximum participation by all participants

           –  Skill development that create a sense of achievement



  6 - 13 year old boys and girls

  • Introduction to cricket's skills through fun games and activities
  • Sets the foundation for further enjoyment and achievement in cricket
  • Suite of resources available to help teachers, coaches and volunteers to facilitate sessions - it's easy! 

  8 - 13 year old boys and girls

  • A modified form of cricket which bridges the gap between Intro to cricket and Ten10 or hard-ball cricket
  • Played between two teams of at least 8 players using a soft rubber ball
  • Does not require a traditional pitch - can be played using indoor gyms, tennis/basketball courts or any outdoor space
  • All players bat, bowl, field and wicket keep

  9 - 13 year old boys and girls

  • Outdoor hard-ball or semi-hard ball cricket 
  • Played on a mat, synthetic pitch or cricket ground
  • Modifications to rules mean all players bat, bowl and field
  • An option for after-school or school based competitions
  • Targets girls and boys who have grasped some of the basics of the game but are still developing their skills

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