United States International Cricket Tournaments for 2013

Dates Event Location Teams
March 17 to 23 ICC Americas T20Q Florida, USA Bermuda, USA, Cayman Islands, Suriname & the winner of Americas Division 2 in Feb 2013. Top two teams qualifies for ICC World T20 Qualifier later in 2013 in UAE
March 24 - 30 ICC Americas 50 Overs Match Practice Series Florida, USA Bermuda, USA, Cayman Islands, Suriname. Organised by ICC to give USA and Bermuda international 50-Overs match practice in preparation for WCL Division 3 in Bermuda in April
April 28 - May 5 Pepsi ICC WCL Division 3 Bermuda USA, Nepal, Bermuda, Oman, Italy & Uganda . Top two teams advance to WCL Division 2, qualifies for ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in early 2014 and eligible for $175K additional funding primarily for the Qualifier preparation
July 7 - 14 TBC ICC Americas U19 Division 1 Championship Toronto, Canada (TBC) Bermuda, Canada, USA. A double round -robin tournament. The top team qualifies for ICC 2014 U19 World Cup. There is no U19 global qualifier as in past years.
July 25 to 28 Auty Cup Toronto or Edmonson USA and Canada. A bi-lateral series outside of ICC events, held annually on a rotating host basis. USA hosted in 2012. Canada's turn to host in 2013. Match series consists of a 2-day match, one 50-Overs match and two T20 matches.

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